Welcome to our Club
Karana Downs lies in the southwestern outskirts of Brisbane.  Our club meets at 9 am at the Brisbane River Golf Club on the first Tuesday of each month, excluding December and January.

Features of our club are:
A guest speaker
Bring and buy plant stall
Morning tea provided
Monthly meeting with:
Brisbane River Golf Club is situated at 212 College Rd, Karana Downs QLD 4306

Additionally there are monthly Come and Share mornings and a monthly bus or car pool outing to gardens and places of interest to members.

To join us, simply come to one of our meetings. 

2019 Membership Fees

New Members:           $25 (per person)
                                    $3 (meeting fee)

Renewal Members:    $17 (per person)
         (single)               $3 (meeting fee)

Renewal Members:    $30 (couple)
         (couple)             $6 (meeting fee)

Monthly Meeting Fee: $3 (per person)

We think that our club is a wonderful place to make new friends and to catch up with old ones.

Karana Downs
Garden Club Inc